Whilst the weather has changed to something more seasonally appropriate over the past week or so , other things remain the same such as the pretence to trail hunt by many hunts despite the continual presence of equipped terriermen! We paid another brief midweek visit to the Minehead Harriers, who we are told, via the […]

05/11/16 – West Somerset Beagles and West Somerset Hunt The 5th of November was a day of firsts for us, on our first proper foray back into the heart of the west somerset badger cull zone….it was a frustrating day in some respects but not a complete loss. Whilst on our way to what we […]

It has been a long time since we have updated this page, as we have been extremely busy sabbing the badger cull in September and early October – this inhumane, unjustifed and unscientific policy is in its forth year in West Somerset. With the cull expanding into new areas across the country, we knew this […]

At last a moment to update our page, obviously the impending badger cull has been the main thing on our agenda in the weeks since the foxhunting season came to a close. Sabs have been out and about in Somerset and Devon helping to find and check setts (although, due to time constraints, not as […]

Today we made a return visit to the Cheldon Buckhounds with sabs from Devon County, Bristol, South Devon Animal Rights, Croydon and Dorset. The hunt followers were intent on violence from the start and sabs were seriously assaulted – please read this press release from the HSA. Sabs avoided confrontation throughout the day instead preferring […]

We have been keeping ourselves busy throughout the last 6 weeks, both checking badger setts and sabbing the remaining hunts that are still out and about in the Southwest. April saw us pay a visit to the Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt with fellow sab teams, where a couple of foxes were seen to safety […]

Saturday 14th May 2016 was spent in the company of fellow sab teams from across the South West (Devon County , Bristol, Dorset and South Devon Animal Rights) to visit one of the most elusive hunts in existence – the Cheldon Buckhounds. Not surprising they prefer to stay hidden as not even the Master of […]