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There’s no rest for hunt sabs

The fox hunting season may well be coming to a close but we are about to enter the sixth year of badger culling here in Somerset later this year, so there is still plenty of work to do. At the weekend ‘The Quantock’ (now missing the word Staghounds) was to host their annual point to […]

Hit report: 10/03/18 – Trespass, blocked setts and assault on the Quantock Hills.

West Somerset Vale Hunt meet – Park Farm, Nether Stowey. Quantock Hills Together with a welcome visit of sabs from Devon County Hunt Saboteurs, we spent a very long day with the West Somerset Vale Hunt. It may well have also been retiring Hunt Master Mike Weir’s last outing too and thus his last chance […]

National Trust Protest & an update on the hounds killed on the A303

On Sunday 25th February, a couple of our members joined other wonderful people and NT Members at Fyne Court, Broomfield to protest against the continuation of illegal hunting on National Trust land (under the pretence of trail hunting). The protest was organised by National Distrust and backed by LACS, and was one of many across […]

24/02/18 A joint meet, back in the badger cull zone.

Lower Stone Farm, Brompton Ralph. Not so long ago we received some interesting news that a local hunt here in West Somerset were going to be holding a little gathering which would include some visitors from afar, namely the Curre and Llangibby. Well, we thought, why not do the same and invite some friends of […]

17/02/18 WSVH at Triscombe Stone – Quantock Hills

It had been a while so we thought we would pay a visit to the West Somerset Vale Hunt. Special thanks goes to the “gentleman” who allowed us to park at Triscombe Stone in the public car park and due to his generosity we are all allowed to enjoy the freedom to walk on the […]

A recap of the season 2017-2018…so far

It’s been a busy year, again. Sett-surveying  – Outside of the hunting season we are active across West Somerset sett-surveying, monitoring old setts and logging new ones. It’s something we do all year round now, sadly, with 2018 being no exception. Two weeks ago we placed a trail camera at a sett that had been […]

07/01/17 and 11/01/17 – Minehead Harriers

In the last couple of weeks we have had the pleasure of welcoming new sabs into our group, a great way to start a new calendar year. So we thought we would introduce them to the Minehead Harriers, who appear to be teetering on the brink of hunting oblivion with percievably fewer riders and followers […]