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Sabs attacked at Modbury Harriers final meet of the season.

Belated Report: Modbury Harriers Saturday 31 st March 2018 Last weekend a couple of us joined sabs from Devon County Hunt Saboteurs and South Devon Animal Rights to finish our season with the final meet of the Modbury Harriers at Brownstone Farm near Holbeton in the very south of Devon. The hunt had only just […]

17/12/16 – Eggesford Hunt with Devon County Hunt Saboteurs

On Saturday some of our crew joined Devon County Hunt Sabs to sab the Eggesford Hunt at North Tawton. Here is the report from DCHS – photos also courtesy  of DCHS (visit their facebook page here): We had unfinished business with the Eggesford and hear that huntsman Gary Boon is leaving soon, so we took […]

03/12/16 Lamerton Hunt

On Saturday 3rd December we joined our friends at Devon County Hunt Sabs to visit the Lamerton Hunt, who were meeting at Burnville near Lydford. Upon arrival, the landowner who was hosting the meet informed us that their day was going to be much like a “treasure hunt” (seemingly the type of treasure hunt which […]

16/11/16 and 19/11/16 – Minehead Harriers and Axe Vale Harriers

Whilst the weather has changed to something more seasonally appropriate over the past week or so , other things remain the same such as the pretence to trail hunt by many hunts despite the continual presence of equipped terriermen! We paid another brief midweek visit to the Minehead Harriers, who we are told, via the […]

30/05/2016 – Cheldon Buckhounds

Today we made a return visit to the Cheldon Buckhounds with sabs from Devon County, Bristol, South Devon Animal Rights, Croydon and Dorset. The hunt followers were intent on violence from the start and sabs were seriously assaulted – please read this press release from the HSA. Sabs avoided confrontation throughout the day instead preferring […]

09/04/2016 – Spooners and West Dartmoor Hunt

Here it is…our final hit report of the 2015/2016 season which took place against a very wintry backdrop of Dartmoor when we joined Devon County Hunt Sabatoteurs and Kernow Hunt Saboteurs on the 9th April to sab Claire Bellamy’s final meet ( before she goes off to kill foxes in Scotland) as Master of the […]

March 2016 News Round-Up

We are now nearing the end of the hunting season, but still remain active in our countryside (despite the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks, we have been out locally and joined forces with Devon County Hunt Sabs and South Devon Animal Rights – hit reports to follow: you can see the […]