Somerset Hunt Saboteurs was formed in 2013 and we are dedicated to protecting wildlife in Somerset and sometimes beyond. Whether it is preventing hunting, gathering evidence of wildlife crime or saving badgers lives during the badger cull, we are out in the field every week.

Hunt Saboteurs use non-violent direct action to prevent the killing of our wildlife. This includes the use of hunting horns and voice calls to call hounds away from the scent of foxes. We also use video cameras to record any illegal activity.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association was formed in 1963, and ever since has been using non-violent direct action to save the lives of thousands of hunted animals. Hunting with Hounds was banned in England and Wales in 2005, but every week hunts across the country flout the law and continue to persecute wildlife. The Hunting Act is rarely enforced by the Police, who often have limited knowledge of the legislation or are biased towards hunting.

If you are interested in joining us, please see the “Get Involved” page and get in touch.





  1. I would like to come down and help when the badger cull starts, I have a dog which has to come with me, would this be a problem

    1. That would be no problem, many people bring their dogs. This is the central number if you need any advice, directions, pick up etc. Tel: 07899 604 217

  2. Thank you I will be intouch

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