26/12/16 – Minehead Harriers

Boxing Day 2016 and rather than do what we would have preferred (stay home with our families and friends enjoying festivities) we couldn’t, knowing that 250 + hunts across the country would be out looking for foxes and other animals to kill. So we went to see the Minehead Harriers who were found at the Rest and Be Thankful at Wheddon Cross, who found a bit of support amongst some of the local population who don’t seem to have moved forward much . They hung around for a while drinking and scoffing before heading off towards Dunkery, spending a few minutes at the top of Drapers Way ..quite a nasty bend and not the most sensible place to block a road in our opinion but hey, its the local hunt so all fine apparently!

There were around a dozen riders, some looking a little too big for their horses, one youngster had clearly outgrown their pony (no rude comments please it is the pony’s welfare we are concerned about not insulting children, the adults responsible should be totally ashamed for allowing the pony to continue to be ridden by her though). The hunt headed down towards Blagdon woods and we had a good idea where they were headed so we carried on to meet them at the foot of Dunkery on the edge of National Trust land. From here they headed towards Fairgarden Farm, run by the Dascombes, where we caught them hunting the hounds through the fields of elephant grass..not sure how the trail layer managed to get through there but the hounds didn’t seem to want to come out so they must have done a lot of running around in there to keep them so well occupied!


Hounds running through elephant grass – funny place to lay a “trail”

George spent a little while trying to call the hounds out before doing a little circular route right back to the same farm…this time George got a bit annoyed and kicked out at the landy and called us some rude names, and one of the numerous quad bikes ran into the side of us (apparently the driver “lost control”) …the terriermen also “lost control” and thumped the drivers window….all caught on film and will be forwarded to the relevant authorities. After about 2 and half of hours of not being able to do much George and a little posse of riders trundelled back to their kennels …and we had a little chat with the local police regarding their behaviour. Whilst we can never be sure no animals were killed , we are fairly certain it was the case yesterday, hounds were all clean and so was the terriermen’s fingernails at the end of the yesterday’s meet.


Number plates of hunt quads deliberately obscurred


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